My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Thursday, October 27, 2016

weekly email

Whats going on everyone. Hope that you all had a good week and are doing well. Things here are tough, but good. Just to tell you all first, the mission is the best experience ever. I cant really explain why, but letting people know that they can change their lives around is awesome and I love it. 
This week we got to see that with our investigator Mario. He was praying all week up until Thursday to see if it really was the will of God that he get baptized in our Church. He told us Thursday that he got his answer of yes and was willing to prepare himself for it. We were super stoked to see that God answers prayers. Even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it right away, he really does. Sunday, we had set everything up for him to go to church with us but all of the sudden we couldn't talk with him at all and we thought that he had bailed on us like he had done with other missionaries in the past. But like 5 minutes before the meeting started, he walked in. I still don't know where he was and why he didn't answer us but I am just grateful that he showed up. Hopefully that means that on the 12th of November we will have a baptism. That was a super big miracle. I felt pretty relaxed though throughout the whole time though. Even if he didn't show up, I knew that we had done everything possible to get him to church and I was satisfied. But He did show up and it was pretty awesome. especially because a few of the members of the ward that know him said that he wouldn't come and he would just flake out again. But no he came and it was great. We don't really have many other investigators. Just a few people that are kind of lame and don't really want to progress. We will see though. 
Hope you all have a good week though! 

weekly email

This week was alright. Nothing too exciting going on. There are so many drunk guys in this sector though. One thing that I do to entertain myself is tell them that my companion loves hugs and they always end up hugging him haha. I dont think that he enjoys it but we always laugh after. Its been raining super hard and there has been a ton of wind so people have kind of been turned off from the idea of listening to us. We also did an activity in the ward this week of ping pong to try and help one of our investigators who likes ping pong. I am proud to say that I went undefeated and have not yet lost all of the ability that I once had in the glory days. I also gave a talk again yesterday about the spirit and how it helps us to progress. I think it went well.

But we are teaching a few people right now. The best one is a guy named Mario who my companion had actually taught before I got there but they stopped teaching him because he didnt progress. This wsecond time has been a lot better and he loves learning every time we pass by. He this week will be praying to ask if he should get baptized on the 12th of November so hopefully I have good news to give next week! That investigator that left when the other elder left. His name is Gabriel. But they are okay. We also had a guy named Victor but he just just has too many challenges to be able to baptize himself and to stay active in the church. So we had to let him go. But we are still just looking hard through references for now. We are starting to try and rely on more references from members and so if it works how its designed we should have more investigators than we know what to do with, but that hasnt happened yet.
Hope all of you are doing well though! ¡Que estén bien!

Elder Parker