My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rain and Wind

So this week we basically had a hurricane pass through Concepcion. Its rained super hard with super strong wind for like 3 days straight and there was no possible way to not get absolutely soaked from head to toe. It was a miserable experience but in the end I know that Ill miss it someday. But this week was pretty busy, we had transfers, zone conference, and two training meetings so we didn't work like half of the week. But even with not working too much we found a single mom who is super good. Shes good friends of a member and already accepted baptism and the invitation to go to church. Her name is Jana and she has gone through a bunch of trials in her life and more than anything wants to be with her son forever. Her husband is in a rehab center for drugs right now and she is having to raise her one year old son alone. Her life has been super hard. Shes pretty dang awesome. The family that we have too is committed to go to church this week too so we are hoping to have a bunch of people there.

Other than that, while I was in exchanges, we visited a member that has a bunch of new puppies and played with them for a good while. And the best part was that one of them pooped on my companion!