My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Called as a trainer

Dear Elder Parker,

We are pleased to extend a call to you to serve as a Trainer in the Chile Concepción Mission. Your call to train reflects your desires to be obedient to the rules of the mission, to live righteously, and to teach effectively the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a trainer, you will have the responsibility of introducing a new missionary to the work he has been called to do. Each missionary comes with different talents and weaknesses. Please look for ways to magnify the talents and strengthen the weaknesses. Also there will be a varying degree of insecurity, and sometimes even fear. It is important to help new missionaries overcome these feelings and more fully understand the principle of faith as taught in the scriptures.

To be an effective teacher, you must first be an example of that which you teach. We encourage you to read D&C 12:8 and D&C 42:14. In these verses we find the Lord's patterns for teaching and being taught.

We trust your ability to instill within your companion a desire to serve with enthusiasm, seek increased spirituality, and be committed to obedience and loyalty, to the Lord and to this mission.

We are grateful for your willingness to accept this call and know that as you fulfill this assignment, you will demonstrate your devotion to the Lord.

We love you and pray for the Lord’s blessings to be with you.

Sincerely,President Kent J. Arrington Mission President
13 June 2016

Dear Brother and Sister Parker,

Your son, Elder Jacob Terry Parker, has been assigned a new calling within the Chile Concepción Mission.  I have asked him to serve as one of our ¨Trainers,¨ which means that he is responsible for the care and teaching of one of our newly arrived missionaries.  This is a great responsibility, as each new missionary´s first companion can have a long-term positive effect.  Because of this, I only call those missionaries to be Trainers whom I believe have the qualities and attributes we want transmitted to the next generation of missionaries.

A copy of the letter we sent to Elder Parker, which explains the duties that pertain to the new calling, will be sent to you.

Thank you for the support and encouragement you give your missionary.

Sincerely,Kent J. ArringtonMission President

wild week

Hows it going everyone? hope that you are all doing well. This week was a down week but we had quite a bit of fun. We weren´t really able to find anyoine except for a guy named carlos who is pretty cool. Hes Catholic though and that has made things hard but we are working with him and he is willing to listen to us which is more than we had previously. 

We were also able to find two less actives and get them both to church yesterdsay which was awesome. But that was basically the bright moment of the week. But the craziest part of the week is that yesterday we entered in the house of a guy under the influence of cocaine haha. We knew that he was a little bit weird but he invited us in to his house and it seemed pretty harmless and we needed another lesson with investigator. Yeah it was a bad idea because he started acting really weird and unstable. He offered us like 3 things of bread each and wouldnt let us leave unless we ate haha. In the end we just said a prayer and left with more bread in hand. It was quite the experience. After my companion told me, "I think he was high on cocaine." That was a suprise.

But it was a good week and we are working hard but just have to find the person that is prepared to listen and be baptized. But have a good week and take care!

Elder Parker

Sunday, June 12, 2016

called as a zone leader

8 June 2016

Elder Jacob Parker, Chillan Zone

Dear Elder Parker, 

The decision to extend a call to you to serve as District Leader in the Zone of Chillan was made after careful and prayerful consideration. We commend you for your faithfulness, your worthiness and desire to serve our Father in Heaven.

As you are well aware, leadership carries with it great responsibility. To be really effective as a leader, you must first strive to be a perfect example of obedience and righteousness. We encourage you to keep the commandments and live the mission rules with exactness and expect no less from those you lead.

As a District Leader, you should:

· Set an example for the missionaries in your district in your study of the scriptures and the gospel, obedience, hard work, proselyting skills, and other aspects of missionary work.

· Carry a full proselyting load in your assigned sector and commit to baptize regularly.

· Supervise, teach, and inspire the missionaries during district meetings and companion exchanges.

· Interview baptismal candidates.

· Look after the well-being of missionaries in your district, especially the sisters.

· Make sure relationships between elders and sisters are in harmony with gospel teachings and missionary standards.

· Demonstrate effective planning.

· Work with local priesthood leaders and members.

· Follow up with the missionaries on referrals.

· Submit reports accurately and promptly.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider the Lord’s counsel on leadership found in D&C 121:34-46. As the Savior's example and teachings make clear, to lead is to serve, and our love for God and our fellow men must motivate our every action. As a leader, you will require the help of the Holy Spirit to maintain high standards and at the same time be meek and humble.

We love you and know that the Lord loves you. Through your faithful service in this calling you can demonstrate your love and devotion to the Lord. We pray for the Lord’s blessings to be with you as you serve in this sacred calling.
Sincerely,Kent J. Arrington
Mission President

8 June 2016 

Dear Brother and Sister Parker,

This is to inform you that your son, Elder Parker, has a new assignment in the Chile Concepción Mission. I have asked him to serve as District Leader in the Chillan Zone. I am confident that he will serve faithfully and that many will be blessed through his service.

A copy of my letter to Elder Parker, which explains his new duties as District Leader, will be sent to you.  As is evident from the letter, it is a position of significant trust and responsibility. 

Thank you for the support and encouragement you give your missionary.

Sincerely,Kent J. ArringtonMission President

weekly email

Hey everyone how are you all doing? Im doing well, a little cold is all. It has gotten really cold and there is no real heating systems in this country anywhere except for the church and they dont like to use it. So basically you are just always a little bit cold. Its better than the heat though.

But I got my hijo this week and He is from Colombia and hes pretty sick. His name is Elder Marquinez and he really doesn't need a lot of training  because he already teaches really well and can speak Spanish. The words from here and Colombia are different so right now, I understand more Spanish than him. Being district leader is hard and stressful though because there is so much little stuff that you have to do and teaching district class is really not very fun. As district leader I have to teach classes and stuff, see how each companionship is doing with their goals  and just try to help them. Its challenging just because of all the little things that I have to do each day. There are 8 missionaries in my district though.

                                                                           Eder Marquinez and I

                                                                           New leaders conference

But the work was hard this week and we haven´t been able to find anyone very good. All of the people that  we have found are just alright. We are still looking really hard and I think that we are going to find a good one soon. Thats pretty much it though. I had to travel to Concepcion two times this week for training things which was fun but made me tired. I lost our phone and then found it. And yeah thats all.

Have a good week!

Elder Parker