My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the ground is shaking...

So I hope you know that as I am writing this email the ground is shaking and everyone here is still pretty calm haha. Its pretty interesting. Earthquakes are like nothing here. Its awesome. But Yeah so this week was pretty dang good. With Jordana, we had a little bit of trouble visiting her because she left on vacations and stuff and in the end we just werent able to do it. But we were able to find two families! One is a less active lady, her boyfriend, and her two daughters and the other one is a mom and her two daughters. And the less active ladys family is golden.  It was so awesome. One of them has lost a bunch of loved ones in the past 3 years and the most recent was the dads dad about a month ago. When we shared about the eternal families the two parents started to cry and said that they want us to keep coming by to teach them. The spirit was super strong and we are super excited to go back on Tuesday. But yeah that was definitely the highlight of the week. Also, something that I want to share is that "The Living Christ" article thing that the church released quite a few years ago is super awesome. We had one of our high council members quote it to us in church yesterday and it was super awesome. Also, the apostles talked about it a ton in General conference so I would like to invite you all to read it. And I personally think that its better in Spanish. A member this week gave me his tie clip thing this week which was cool. It looks super fancy but I would imagine that its not haha. Besides that, I would like to say Happy birthday to my mom. But have a good week everyone! Love you all!