My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy August

Hi mom how are you? Things here are good. We had a bunch of meetings and conferences this week so we couldn't work very much at all.  We don't have anyone with a date yet either but we did have Patricia in Church on Sunday so we were excited about that. We aren't too sure of what were all of her thoughts but we are going to see tomorrow and are going to try and put her with a date. But that is going to be the goal this week to have a few people with a date. Elder Couto and I are doing fine. He is really different than elder Baquerizo and we arent really used to each other and the way the other one works but we are working on getting better with the unity. He has like 19 months so he might finish here too in a few more cambios. And yeah I am willing to fast with you guys. I think that over all we can fast so that I can get a few more baptisms before I leave. Like about 6 or 7 months ago I set a goal to get 10 more baptisms before ending and up until now I only have 2 which is kind of frustrating. But Ill just hurry up. I think we can still get it. It will be a miracle but I think we can get it done. And I still feel nervous and not excited about going home but I'm not too worried. And no I haven't heard of the training but it will be alright. If I really am struggling when I get home Ill do it. 
But with the homecoming, I have no clue who you can invite. You can invite whoever you want. You could invite President Arrington if you want. But yeah I don't care too much haha. I would like to see the family and my friends over all. Haha Jake is funny. He might be trying to move to New York here in a year or so to do an internship. That's crazy. And I like what you said about that scripture. I feel like I have learned to not do that as much in the mission and I hope its a habit that stays with me throughout my life. I cant remember who but someone had challenged us to read chapter 101 of Doctrine and covenants so I am going to read it. But that's about it I think. Thanks mom for everything that you do. Love you and have a great week!!

Elder Parker