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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi mom hows it going? I am doing super well and yeah Mario went to church this week and will be baptized this Saturday I think! It gonna be awesome. He is a super awesome guy. But I guess I should tell you before I send the picture, he has a paralysis in his face and his face is like crooked. So don't judge when I send the picture, haha. But yeah I'm super excited for that. And yeah I will be with Elder Evans again which I'm happy about. But yeah Christmas will be fun too. And with that, can you ask everyone what they want for Christmas if there is anything? There is some stuff that I can get super cheap down here. That sounds like a super great day though yesterday or Saturday actually. And yeah Manuel disappeared, its not too uncommon though for things like this to happen. and not really anyone new yet. This ward is good but has a lot of problems. I'll say that it has a lot of potential. The other members help a little bit, but they still aren't super great. And yeah I got my shoes. They're sweet. They're brown and are awesome. And with the pants, Yeah I need them hemmed a little but we haven't really made the time to do it. I did a few of the essays this week. I think I am just going to have to do it little by little. When is the deadline? I'll get that done. I also like the object lesson a lot. I am going to use it for the next family night that we do with someone. It's a solid lesson. But thanks mom for everything! I love you too and hope that you enjoy Thanksgiving! To be honest I had forgotten totally that it was Thanksgiving this week, haha oops. But have a good week! And by the way I am still working on trying to find a nativity scene for you but its kind of hard. I'll work harder though because I would have to send the package soon.

Love Jake

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