My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hola amigos

Hola amigos, things are great out here in Concepcion. I have had a busy two weeks though. Last week we went out with elders in the Santiago North Mission but now that seems not very exciting because I have that every day. So Ill just start out with the transfer that took place tuesday.

So we had to wake up at 5 in the morning to be on a plane at 6:45 on our way to Concepcion. The Andes Mountains are incredible by the way. But we got here and its sweet, super green here and always a little cloudy which I like until it decides to rain. But I met my companion, his name is Elder Hartvigsen and he´s from Alpine Utah. He has 14 months in the mission and is fluent so there´s hope for me. He´s a really cool guy too which is always good.

We arrived to my area which is called Hualpen. Its at the base of the Talcuhuano Peninsula. Its kinda ghetto ish. Some parts of it are a little nicer than others. My companion said he has never been robbed which is kind of boring but oh well. Our area is difficult though and the work in Chile is tough. Everyone is super devoted to their beliefs so in one week we have had one lesson with an investigator. Its still fun though but definitely hard. My first full day here we probably walked a nice 10 or so miles if I had to guess so that was fun. The other days it has been around 5 or 6. 

Our one lesson was with a guy named Eric who has Schizophrenia. We were talking to a guy on the street one day and Eric walked out of his house and asked us to come teach him. We thought he was really interested but yesterday he stood us up on his commitment to come to church with us.

Two days ago I experienced the famous Concepcion rain. It rained so hard for about twenty minutes that it actually went through my so called "waterproof" coat and I was wet the rest of the night. That was a bummer.

Besides that, things have been good. Hard but good. I miss American food and music the most but thats alright. Things are great out here. In these pictures its my companion and I. The other is the view from our 12th floor apartment.

Elder Parker
Mission office Day 1
Stopping at a farmers market to get some fruits and veggies
Cool fog from our 12th story apartment

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