My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2 miracles!

I have nothing to title these anymore. But anyways, how are you all doing? I'm great out here in good old Hualpen but the work here is super difficult. Everyone has their church and is so unwilling to even listen to our message that its tough. Constant rejection will really make you frustrated but that's alright. We have made a game out of what excuse we think they are going to give us when they tell us that they aren´t interested. Its fun and keeps things light.

But other than getting rejected a whole bunch this week we did have an awesome lesson with a guy named Santos. He is an eternal investigator because he has been taught for over 6 months now and refuses to get baptized for a whole bunch of reasons. He is always a little bit closed about the doctrines and likes to argue about them with us. Anyways we went in to have the lesson and things started out normally with him kind of just questioning why baptism was important for us to do and whatever but then we read in the Book of Moses about how Adam got baptized and the entire atmosphere changed. All of the sudden he was open and receptive and the spirit was super strong. He was willing and all of the sudden he wanted to be baptized. I just hope it stays that way because he has backed out twice before. I am confident though that it was a prompting to share that scripture because that morning I  found it while in personal study for him. Awesome experience so 'Ill let you know if it goes through because he is scheduled for the 21st of November.

Besides that, I lost my wallet and found it and it was a crazy story. We were riding on a bus and I put my wallet next to me on a seat and forgot it there. About an hour later I realized that I didn't have it. It had everything in it so I had to call to get my cards cancelled and everything. We passed a member of the church named Marcos Molina and told him what happened and he offered to drive us to the end of the bus line to look for it to see if someone had turned it in our not. The terminal is in Lirquen, about 35 minutes away from Hualpen. We drove up there and found it there. And the only thing that was missing was 2000 pesos in cash that I had. (That's like $4) Oh the blessings that day. So I had to call again before they cancelled my cards and temple recommend and it was quite the experience. 

On the way back from Lirquen we stopped at the beach to look for a quick second and took a few pictures to remember that day. It was a crazy huge blessing and Marcos saved my life that day. This is a picture of us at the beach with Marcos and my wallet.
                                                              The wallet miracle!
                                                                 Happy missionaries!
                                                                        Penco beach
                                                    A service activity for Hermana Elvira
picando lena...   or chopping wood
Hermana Elvira

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