My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, November 9, 2015

2 months today!

Hola everyone! How are we all doing? As the subject line says, I have officially hit two months in the mission field. I am not fluent yet unfortunately. But I do get told all of the time how good my Spanish is and thats nice to hear even if it is a lie. 

But this week was pretty slow to say the least. We have just been trying to strengthen the ward here. The ward really lacks motivation and enthusiasm. I think that they have either forgotten or overlooked the blessings that they have received from being members of the church and it has resulted in some pretty dull enthusiasm to share our gospel that we claim is a gospel of happiness. So that has been difficult but were working on it. I think that is one thing that we need to constantly ask ourselves, "Where would I be without the gospel?" We need to not overlook all of the blessings of knowledge, power, happiness, and temporal things as well that we have been given because we choose to be members of this church.

I dont really have any stories to share about this week. I guess one fun thing is that we average about one bible bash a day with some crazy evangelical guy. Yesterday we were called over by a guy on the street to talk and he just started telling us how our church was false, pulling out all sorts of scriptures that meant nothing and what not. At the end we said thanks, bore our testimonies, and walked away. We get roughly one of those meetings a day.

Also we found a family of a guy that is inactive and his wife is inactive evangelical. They have an 8 year old daughter who already wants to be baptized and a 1 month old baby. The dad, Eduardo, said he wants an eternal family. Hopefully they will progress. I feel like they could be great investigators because at the end of the lesson we had the dad pray and he cried in the middle of it. The spirit was super strong and I really hope they have kept the commitments that we left them. They are awesome.

Thats about it for this week though. Love you all and hope youre doing well. See ya next week!

Elder Parker

 My Halloween costume for our district meeting on Tuesday

These are pictures of today's lunch. Somewhere under there is buried a Chicken.
I don't get dinners (from members) ever actually because they only eat one big meal a day here and that is lunch. So basically I get a huge lunch everyday from members and then snack for the rest of the day. That's good though because everything that we eat is rice, pasta, chicken and salad. Its not terrible.

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