My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One more to go...

Hows it going everyone? Good I hope. I dont have a ton to talk about this week because really nothing has happened over the past week. Everything has been the same as it always is here in the good old MTC but there are some things that I want to talk about for the upcoming week because I dont think Ill be able to email next week because next Tuesday is the day that we fly down to Concepcion so I dont think I will get a chance to email.

But whats going to happen this week is going to be awesome. On Thursday we get to go out and contact in a park and its going to be very interesting because I kind of think I know Spanish until I talk to someone in the Streets and then I realize that I know nothing. They talk so ridiculously fast that its impossible to get everything they say. Also, on Friday we actually get to go on splits with missionaries and teach for real out in the North Mission which is still about two hours away from here. Thats gonna be awesome and super humbling when I realize even better that I know nothing. Still though it should be super fun and great practice. Besides that, I dont have a lot to say except the next time you hear from me I will be down in Concepcion teaching and lost.

Last week was pretty cool on P Day after I emailed you guys though. A guy stopped us on the street and we got trying to talk to him and eventually got his address and are going to send missionaries to his house to teach him. I have no clue if I will ever hear if anything comes of it. I doubt it but it was still cool to experience.

Besides that, nothing has happened. It has actually been a super boring week because there haven´t been any earthquakes or anything fun or exciting. But I look forward to talking to you guys in two weeks and Im sure I will have stuff to talk about.

Love you and miss you all!
Elder Parker

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