My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

pretty sweet week!

Hows it going everyone? Glad I get the chance to email all of you once again. Not a lot happened this week but the things that did happen were pretty sweet.

First, we had a conference of all the new missionaries on Tuesday and Wednesday and that day we went to the office and had classes and stuff. After we went out with a Zone leader and worked in their zone with them. I worked with an Elder named Elder Turley in a place called Chiguayante. This place was so ghetto it was awesome. We heard gun shots one time throughout the day. But while I was with him we had a lesson with a lady who had been invited to be baptized but had a job that made her work on Sundays. She could either leave her job and be baptized and trust in the Lord to bless her, or she could continue working to barely afford to live. Anyways we had a lesson and all of the sudden she said that she would be baptized and leave her job. Neither of us thought that was going to happen and were both super surprised when she said that she would do that. So that was cool to see and experience.

Also, we had a lesson with an inactive lady named Susanna Paz. She broke her ribs and when we contacted her she asked us for a blessing. In the middle of the blessing she started crying basically uncontrollably because of the spirit. I thought it was strong but like not that strong. But she is pretty great and I am almost positive that once she feels half decent again she will return to Church. She hasn't been in about three years now. So that was cool.

Santos date is still this Saturday. He is the only one that we have with a date. Javier is progressing yeah and we actually have his wife to teach now too. Francisco is the name of the super Catholic guy and he isn´t gonna go anywhere we don't think. And the Moldonado Family is good. The mom is super evangelic but we will keep working with her.

It is basically 100% sure that I will stay here at least to finish training but normally people stay longer than just two transfers in their first area. My companion has three transfers here so he might move. I dont really care if I stay or go though. Either would be good with me.

And the final thing is that we should be back in our church building by the next time I write you guys. Our building had a bomb thrown into it and that caused a fire about 6 months ago and that messed some things up so they have been repairing the building. Also by the next time I write you I should have 1 baptism under my belt. Hopefully. But I miss you all and hope you are doing well!

Love Elder Parker

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