My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, December 7, 2015

Another week down...

How are we all doing team? Things are good where I am at. Its hot outside though. Like 85 degrees every day with a bunch of humidity and like 20 mph winds all of the time. I guess it could be worse though. I'll enjoy dry weather while it is still around.

Not much happened this week to be honest so I dont really know what Ill talk on. Things were more difficult than usual this week though. We just havent been getting people to teach so we have done a lot of contacting and knocking doors which makes for really long days. However we did find a new investigator that we hope does really well. His name is Felipe and he is an 18 year old kid just like us. He doesnt really believe in God but hes got a tough family situation and that made him humble enough to let us in. We committed him to pray just to find out if there was a God so when we go back tomorrow we will find out how it went. Santos is doing well.  Javier is getting a little bit lame. He never has time to meet with us and I dont think he realizes the gravity of what we are teaching him and how important it is to mankind. Thats how a lot of Chileans are. 

Also, I have fleas. Its great. I dont know where I got them or how but they suck. I hear that rubbing dryer sheets all over everything helps get rid of them so I will be buying dryer sheets today. Gotta love the mission.

We have been doing really well with our less active people though. Now that we are back in our own chapel we have about 90 people in church each week where before we had about 60. That's really nice.

Our plans for Christmas aren`t set yet. Really it just depends on if the members invite us over for Christmas or not. I guess usually we go eat with a member on Christmas eve at like 9 oclock is the Chilean Tradition. But, if no one invites us over we will just do what we did for Thanksgiving and make our own thing. 

That's basically all for this week though so I'll talk to you again next Monday. Love you all and remember... Go Cougars.:)

Love Elder Parker

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