My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas! How are you all doing? Things are normal in Hualpen I guess. No one wants to hear from us and we get stood up on a lot of appointments. So its been a pretty flat week but that's alright because this week should be pretty sweet. A lot of activities and conferences and stuff will make it go by fast.

But I have a few fun things this week to talk about... First thing is that I went to the mission nurse lady this week because I can´t get rid of my fleas. I thought it must have been something else but she still thinks its fleas. I counted the bites yesterday and got to 79 on my entire body. Blessings. So that has been fun I guess. 

We are working with a few less active and inactive people right now and its going really well. One of the families that we reactivated should have a baptism date for their nine year old daughter this week so that should be awesome. The little girl is named Varinia and she should have a date for her baptism by the next time we talk on Monday. We took a member with us to the last visit with them and it was a disaster. We let him talk a little bit about the spirit world and before long it was a full blown temple prep class being taught by him. We tried to stop him but he just kept going back to the subject. That was pretty funny and not good.

We had a few activities too this past week like a concert in the Stake last night, and a Ward family night on Saturday that were both really fun and good for our ward. Our ward is really struggling. They lack any sort of motivation to improve the ward.

Also, on Friday I reached the 100 day mark of my mission which we celebrated by doing the exact same thing as every other day. Hope you all enjoy Star Wars and enjoyed the BYU v Utah game. We all know that BYU is better. Love you all and FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Elder Parker

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