My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, February 22, 2016


Suprise! Im not going anywhere. Neither is my companion. There is actually only one change in our house. An Elder is leaving and his old companion is going to train. So we are going to have a newby in the house which should be kinda fun. Besides that, the cambios were pretty average. Not much changed in my life. Cambios are like Christmas for missionaries. You all wake up excited even though you know that there is about a 0% chance that you are leaving to go anywhere. 

But more than that, nothing really happened this week. We have found a few people to teach but they are pretty lame and not very willing to progress so we might have to let them go and not waste our time there. We did have a way good lesson with a member this week actually in which we talked about how trials help us to progress in our lives and how God lets us have trials to show and and help us. The member compared it to a child who breaks his toy and asks for help from his dad to fix it. The dad starts but the kid starts to complain that its wrong. The dad gets tired of hearing it so he gives it back and tells the kis to try for himself then. The child obviously doesn´t know how so he tries all he can and then returns to the dad to ask again. But this time he is humble and he has tried everything in his own power and has no other option. It is at this point that our heavenly father takes over for us and gives us just enough knowledge to do it ourselves or he does it for us. If we remember in the story of Joseph Smith, it was just barely before he was about to give in to Satan that the light began to shine. We are given trials to help us to be humble to eventually be able to progress. But only after all that we can do. 

That lesson had a lot more than that in it but theres too much to write it all. That lesson was the highlight of the week and just about the only thing that is worthy of writing about haha. Oh and also my companion and I were talking with a drunk dude yesterday and he asked us, "what would you do if I pushed a knife to your throat?" he was kidding but it was kind of exciting. At the end we ended up getting his name and address and hopefully we can have a lesson in the future. 

It was a good week that went by fast!

Love you all and have a good week

Elder Parker

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