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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Act in faith

Whats up everyone? How are we all doing this week? Im glad for the opportunity to write you guys this week because it was a pretty good week actually as far as the work goes. Things have cooled off a little bit and that makes things a lot more pleasant. Im sure though in a couple months when it starts to rain non-stop, that I will want the sun back.

But to start off, we had a conference on Wednesday with all the missionaries in the area South America, South. David A. Bednar gave the conference and it was super great. I was able to learn a lot about faith and the relation that it has with helping us in our personal lives and especially in the work. When we pray we need to act. 100% of the time or we are truly asking in vain. We really should tell our Heavenly Father what we are going to do and only ask for his guidance and direction and after we have started is when it will be made clear to us what we shoudl do. Elder Bednar wrote a talk about it called ask in faith which is super good and I encourage all of you to read it.

But also we have three main investigators that we are working with right now. Two of them we found last night and were able to put them with a baptismal date for the 26th of March. It is a mom and her daughter named Bella and Marilu, that live alone and are super excited to be able to receive the Holy Ghost as part of a baptism. The other is a lady named Emelinda who talked with sister missionaries about 10 years back who is pretty good and has good desires to just know for herself. Hopefully we can commit her to baptism today.

Also, we had planned a ward family night for Saturday and no one came for some reason which was really lame but we ended up watching mormon messages and things for about an hour with our bishop and his counselor which was a good time. It was lame though that no one came.

But thats it. Hope you all have a good week! Say your prayers and all that stuff.

Love Elder Parker

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