My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I couldn´t think of a title  for this week but how are you all doing? Things are nice and warm here and thats really tiring but its all good too. There isn´t much to talk about this week but Ill try and keep it interesting. 

So last week we found the guy that was super drunk with a ton of problems. His name is Osvaldo and we are working with him now. He has a baptismal for the 13th of February and came to church yesterday. He has all sorts of problems in his life and when we taught baptism and the chance that we have to be "Born Again" and start over fresh in our lives, he cried. He is super great and has more desire to be baptized than anyone I have met so far on my mission. His only problem that I can see right now is his drinking. He is definitely addicted. He knows that it is destroying his life but he cant stop. But I will let you know where we are at with him next week.

More than that... we did a few things of service for people this week. Cleaned rugs, emptied a pool, and a few more things. This week went by really fast. We also had a worldwide missionary conference on Wednesday which was really good called "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts." We got to hear from a few of the apostles and it was awesome to have a training like that. Thats pretty much it though for this week. Hope you all have a great week and stay safe.

Elder Parker

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