My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, March 14, 2016

6 months!

I am officially ancient in the mission. Haha not really but 6 months has passed by super fast. Its crazy how fast it really can pass by. It has been some of the most frustrating, most tiring, most fun, and most rewarding 6 months of my life though too. I am grateful for each minute that I have of this experience. I have, up until now, 1- been called gringo about a million times 2- been compared to spider man a million times 3- asked "what?" more than a million times and a bunch of other stats too. It has been a great time though and super rewarding.

But not much happened this week. Bella and Marilu wen tto church again but aren´t really completing their commitments and reading and praying so we might have to move their baptismal date back if they can´t do that. But they are still doing well. Emelinda had to be let go this week. She didn´t really have desires to progress and to be baptized so its kind of a waste of time to keep visiting her. I think we might try one more time a little later on.

Last thing is that this last week we talked with a member that had a lot of trials in and out of the church and asked us why that is. We gave her an answer but it made me think too. I studied that topic and I found that we have trials as part of the plan of Salvation. We were sent here to progress and to have joy. The trials are there to allow us to be humble, to help us learn, and to make us capable of feeling joy. The worse trials that we have in our lives, the greater our capacity to have joy. Each trial has an ending and if we can endure, we will find more joy than we had before. That is a brief summary of what I learned while studying.

But I hope each of you have a good week and Keep enjoying your lives!

Love Elder Parker

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