My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, April 4, 2016

Chile is good...

Hows it going everyone? Good to be able to talk with you all again. This week normally would have been the week of cambios but this cambio is 8 weeks so I will be with Elder Calle for another two weeks. This week was pretty good though. The highlight was general conference. There were some great talks that I really enjoyed and I noticed that the majority of them had to do with families in one way or another. We as missionaries are always praying to find a whole family to be able to teach. If you can do that, the goal of going to the temple to be sealed is a little bit closer. But I hope you all felt the spirit and the power of the talks that were given and that you all go out and do something with the information and testimony that you have received. My favorite talk was by D. Todd Christopherson about fathers and their divine roles in the lives of others. With that, I would like to thank my dad and tell him happy birthday this Wednesday haha.  But I think I like Elder Eyring the most. We got to watch in a Stake Center and all of the English missionaries go to another room and watch in English which is really nice.

But Bella and Marilu are doing alright. Marilu actually understands a lot more than her mom and Bella is progressing slowly. She doesn´t understand the importance of the things we teach and that commandments come from God, not from the church. So right now we are focusing on that and are hoping to get them baptized this week but we will have to see.  Money is a big problem for them and she has a hard time understanding tithing and that its a commandment from God, not from the church. They didn't come to church yesterday and are supposed to be getting baptized this Saturday but I don't know about that.

And it has started to cool off a lot. Yesterday, it rained super hard during conference and we had to leave to work after in all of our rain gear which was pretty fun but Im sure it will get old fast. But have a good week and make sure to say your prayers and all that fun stuff.

Love Elder Parker

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