My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter


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Happy Easter everyone! hope you all enjoyed it. Its kind of weird here because they celebrate "Good Friday", which is when Christ died, than Easter. The people here dont understand the importance of the Resurrecion and that it is the part that is more important. But thats why Im here.

Not a ton happened this week that is very noteworthy but Bella and Marilu are doing well but we are going to have to move their fecha one more Saturday to the 9th of April because of General Conference. There literally isn´t time to fit the two things in on the same day. Thats okay though because she doesn´t understand a lot still so she is going to be more prepared.

My Easter was nothing special but we did have an Easter egg hunt as a ward yesterday in the third hour so that was fun. But yeah Bella and Marilu came to church and Osvaldo also got the Priesthood yesterday. It was a good day even though nothing special really happened.

More than that, it was a holiday here so roughly 75% of the population was drunk for some part of the week. Those are always fun days. We talked with a drunk guy that could barely stand and kept shaking our hands. He actually ended up kissing us on the forehand out of nowhere too which made me very uncomfortable. 

I also must have eaten something that I am alergic to because I have broken out in hives which itch really badly and wont go away but its alright. I also finished the book Jesus the Christ today in the morning. Its a great book thats really hard to read but I recommend it to all of you. I want to invite you all to remeber the Savior and his atonement for each of us and to give thanks for it. There is nothing more impactful in our lives than that.

Love Elder Parker

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