My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, May 23, 2016

we found an entire family!

Elder Garcia and I

How is it going everyone? Glad to be able to talk to you all again. This week was a long one. Very frustrating for the situation with my companion but its alright. We have one week left in the cambio and I am just hoping for a change. Its been a struggle and a great learning experience. I'm grateful for every moment in the mission though. Even the hard times.

We had a little bit of success this week though. We found an entire family which is something that hasn't happened throughout all of my mission. The parents names are Alejandro and Silvia and they are actually studying with Jehovah's Witnesses right now but that hasn't caused too many problems... yet. They have 5 kids and either 3 or 4 of those kids are over the age of 8 so it would be really awesome if they progressed and got baptized. They were supposed to go to church yesterday but they didn't. We have another lesson Thursday with them and we are hoping that it goes well!

Besides that we are still just looking really hard to find investigators that are willing to progress and be baptized. Oh I also gave a talk yesterday about repentance and the importance of repentance in our lives so that we can be aligned with the teachings of the savior and feel his love and feel joy. I was only supposed to give a talk of 7 minutes but I took 12 accidentally, even though I cut out a big part of my talk. Haha oops.

Have a good week though!

Elder Parker

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