My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chilean Independence Day!

Whats up everyone? Feliz 18! Its the Chilean independence day and we didn't really do much to celebrate. We raised the flag Saturday morning and one of the members is a scout fanatic. He has scout things from all over the world. He invited us to help his raise the flag and said he wanted us to do it as scouts haha. So he dug up scout things from the US and from Colombia and we went as scouts to raise the flag haha. It was pretty fun. But after that, we found out that the mom of one of our members died and that they were going to have the funeral in the chapel so we couldn't do any activities. Kind of lame. But a bunch of people still made us empanadas which were super good. They are like calzones but with meat and onion inside. I have now acquired the taste and I love them haha. Lots of people gave us empanadas haha. And a drink that is super weird called mote con huesillo. So it was kind of a letdown but not too much. 

Sunday, we were expecting to have a super lame day but we actually found a family who is super good. Their names are Julio, Pamela, and Fani.  I am doing better though because the sector is getting better. We were able to find a few people this week and that is something that we just didn't have.  Joselin is alright. She just lacks motivation and so she just doesn't do things. She was supposed to go to church this week but she texted us like 10 minutes before and told us that she wasn't going to go. She still is working towards the 8 of august.

Wednesday and Thursday we had trainings both days, one with our mission president, and one was a mini cambio with the assistants. I learned a ton from all of them and especially while I was working with the assistants. It was awesome to see that there is so much more that I can do to get in to houses and find people to teach. We literally were just walking in to houses with their doors open and took any chance we could to teach lessons. I learned a ton, especially just my dedication to the work. Like really if I desire investigators, and desire to get in houses, I have to do everything possible to get in. It was eye opening to see how much the desire and the attitude affects everything. I thought I was doing everything possible but I still had more to give. I loved the experience. It was awesome. And our President blew our minds. He is awesome and knows a ton. 

I am excited for general conference coming up.  The conference day is one of the best days of the mission! Now we can give people the challenge to think of a question that people want answered from God and tell them to go to the conference. We promise people that somehow, their question will be answered. Its super cool actually!

I didn't write yesterday because nothing was open. The holiday goes on for like 3 or four days and during that time, there is close to nothing open. But hope you all have a good week!

             In case you're wondering, I'm wearing a raccoon hat one of the members had. 

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