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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hey Happy new year a few hours early everyone! We had our P Day changed to Saturday this week because there will basically nothing open on Monday because of the New Year. Here, they take new year very seriously. Like basically the entire country is gonna be shut down for a few days so it should be interesting. We always find plenty of people that are super drunk for the next few days as well so that should be pretty interesting. Its for that, that our mission President has given us permission to watch movies all day tomorrow basically. But these are Disney movies which is going to be super weird, but at the same time is should be a nice break and should be something fun. Haha it surprised me a ton when we found that out but I'm not complaining too much haha.

This week was super good. I am now with my new companion elder Ritchie. He's from Missouri and just finished his training. We get along super well and laugh together a ton. I'm super excited for the cambio. We had a super good week too with the investigators. We were able to have second citas with a few people and those lessons were super good. One was with that Pedro that I mentioned a few weeks back. We had a super spiritual lesson with him yesterday and committed him to baptism if he gets his answer. He also committed himself to church tomorrow which will be super awesome. So now we will just have to pray that he gets that answer. The other lesson that was super good was with a lady named Blanca. We also committed her to baptism if she gets her answer. It was so awesome in the lesson because we were explaining to her how the holy ghost works to be able to get her answer and I asked her, "How have you felt while we have shared today?" and she said that she felt peace and a calmness and a happiness and it was super awesome because we explained to her that is how the spirit testifies to us that these things are true that we have taught her. It was so awesome. So for now they are our best investigators that we have. We finally had to tell Julio that we couldn't pass by him anymore because he just isn't willing to progress. That was kind of sad but I think that it will open up the door so that we can find more people.

Hope that you all have a good New Year and that you can put a whole but of resolutions and reach all of them(: Have a good Year!
Elder Ritchie and I

Our zone at the Christmas conference

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