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Monday, December 26, 2016


Heyyy merry Christmas everyone! Hope that you all had a good one this year. It was a pretty good one for us at least. Christmas here isnt as big as it is there but its still super fun. We celebrated doing a few things. First, we on Friday went to the local hospital and sang christmas carols and stuff to all of the people there and it was super fun. Everyone was listening to us throughout the hospital and we even got a few "Haleluyah" shouts from the Evangelicals there. It was sick. Uhh we also had a really long conference of the mission in which we learned about how the apostasy went down and it was pretty fun. But the best part of the whole thing was eating on the night of the 24th. We went with the member who lives right next to us and we seriously tried to eat so much food but we couldnt even eat close to half of it. I feel sick for how much food people have given us recently. Its great but awful. 

I will be staying in Penco. They are actually shutting one of the sectors in our sector so there will only be two missionaries instead of four. I am going to be with Elder Ritchie. He was one of the other two missionaries who was already there so It will be good because we both already know the sector and have investigators. I'm pretty excited too because he is super funny and a really good missionary. My comp is going to Linares and I am kind of sad about it because we got along super well together and it was super fun to be with him. I think he was probably my favorite companion. Hes a really good missionary too. 

Hope that you all had a Good Christmas. This year lets try and remember the life of Christ and try to follow that example that he left us. I know that he is our Savior and redeemer and that by following him we find happiness and peace in this life. Have a good Christmas!

 Our Christmas Skype!

 We found out how to be Jedi's with my scripture marking pen

Our Christmas feast for 3 people!

Elder Parker

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