My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

weekly email

Hey everyone how are you doing? This week was pretty good. We had a conference with one of the area 70, Elder Packer. Who is actually Boyd K Packers son. It was pretty cool. He is a super serious man who looks exactly like his dad. It was almost scary to see how much he looked like him. But yeah we learned about some cool mission stuff and how to work better with members and a lot of fun stuff like that.

This week was actually super difficult though. We had a few problems with our health this week and that made it super hard to have any success at all. I had a cold like all week. My companion on Tuesday stepped on a nail and it went through his shoe into his foot and we were inside that day. But more than anything this week was hard because we had to basically rely on knocking doors to try and find people to teach and it didn't work super well. We had a few days where we were walking for quite a few hours each day. But I could learn again, Patience. I am getting a little sick of learning patience but that just means I need to learn more I guess. Its been great to see that small miracles have happened with us every single day when we need it most and that is what keeps us motivated to keep going. We have like two decent investigators, one is named Christian and we found him last night. Please pray so that he receives an answer about the book of Mormon. And the other is Julio. Hes just okay because he has problems with alcohol and it makes it super hard to work with him. But besides that we are just looking super hard.

Hope you all enjoy Christmas and have a good week!

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