My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, December 12, 2016

weekly email

Whats up everyone? This week was pretty average. There wasn't a whole lot that went on. We had a zone conference wednesday and our President reminded us again that he is super sick. Hes super funny too. But we found a few people and they at least invited us back to their house so we are progressing with the investigators too. I dont have a lot of time though so I just wanted to tell you all that the mission and especially the mission during Christmas time is one of the best times of your life. I really enjoy this so much. To be able to represent Christ every day and to be able to act in his name is something that cannot be replaced by anything better. Im super grateful that I have been given this oportunity. I know that Christ lives and loves us. Have a good week though! 

But with the investigators, we are doing a little better. None of the people are super great but they are willing to have us come back so thats a blessing. We havent been able to meet with Christian again yet. We are going Tuesday to visit.  Julio is just consumed in his addiction. And yeah Ill share a spiritual experience. I usually dont though simply because they dont come out spiritual when I write them and especially in an email. But the experience is that we always try to visit Julio and he usually isnt there but we always share with his 88 year old blind mom, Marta. She wont progress but she loves to have someone to simply talk to because if we dont pass by she has no one to talk to. She expressed to us this past week that she is with us more than with her son and it really gave me the feeling that she has really found strength in the simple act of us passing by and making her day a little better. It was really special because I feel like I have done something just as important as convert her to the gospel. It was a very special feeling.
Love you!

Elder Parker

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