My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

Oops...Wrong church

This week was alright. With the summer vacations here it has been super difficult to have constant communication with our investigators and help them to progress. This week we had a lesson with Pedro and he told us that he would only accept a sign from God telling him that he needs to be baptized. He said that he did it for Joseph Smith so why not for him. It was a really frustrating lesson. We also had a lesson with a really strange guy who says he believes in the bible but obviously doesn't understand it because he believes in a whole bunch of weird things that it never mentions in the bible. It was entertaining because we were able to basically prove him wrong with like 5 questions during the entire lesson. He got frustrated and didn't like it. Monday though we found a lady who was super good. She accepted baptism and to go to church super easily and understood everything super well (we thought). We called her Saturday night and her husband answered. He told us that she wasn't there, but she was doing what we told her and she had gone to church. The evangelical church. We reactivated an evangelical lady this week. It was awesome.As far as investigators and stuff go, it was pretty lame actually.

We reached that goal of 20 lessons with member almost every week but its with people who really aren't progressing. And it is a goal that president put. Sebastian couldn't have a lesson either so we haven't been able to really see if he is going to progress though. My comp did call him though and he said that he had read and that he was praying actually every night. So we were pretty pumped to hear that.

We also were showering all week long with cold water because our water heater thing broke and we had no time to get anyone to fix it so we just put up with it for the week. It wasnt very fun but now we got it fixed. hope you have a good week!!

We shaved Pablito's head this week!

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