My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

This mission is on fire!

This week was actually way different and super fun at the same time. You might already know about it, but here in Chile there are fires going on right now, which put together are the biggest wildfire in World history. It started close to us on Wednesday after we came out of a worldwide training broadcast that was really good. But we came out and there was a huge cloud of smoke pretty close to the stake center but it wasnt too close to our sector so we just went back and started to work but we kind of realized how crazy it was when we saw that there were three fires close by and it was seriously raining ashes. Thursday morning, they called us and said that they were going to evacuate us because the smoke wasnt safe. They told us to go to the office so we packed a few days worth of clothes and left. We were there with our assistants to the president and other missionaries living there for like three whole days almost. We received some statistics Friday night after being there all day. In total, there were 142 wildfires burning, about ten of them were under control. More than half of those fires had been started my humans on purpose as well. They had put parts of the country under marshall law. Our president couldnt come to the office because he was stuck in another city and the freeway was burning and closed. It was a real serious situation. In those three days, I got really good at ping pong again, taught myself a little more of how to play piano, and re learned guitar a little bit. It was fun but kind of boring as well. We had to sleep there both nights and that really sucked. My back hurt so bad each morning. So yeah it was pretty exciting for a while but im glad to be back in my sector working.

Also, on Tuesday, we received and investigator from another sector that is super good. His name is Marcelo and he showed up to church in another sector on his own and has now been going there for like two months without knowing that he lived inside of our ward. We are hoping to be able to put him with a baptismal date this week which would be super awesome. We taught him a super good lesson about a testimony and how can can gain his own. That was a pretty awesome miracle. Hope you all have a good week though!

Elder Parker

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