My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017


Yeah so basically nothing happened with the cambios this time around. Elder Ritchie and I are staying together one more time and at the end of this cambio we are both going to have like 6 months in this sector and we will have to see whats going to happen next time. I'm pretty pleased because it means I don't have to pack a suitcase. Also, Elder Ritchie is super awesome so that will be pretty fun. 

This week was good. We only got evacuated once this week and it was for a lame reason of smoke that really didn't appear to be present. But besides that it was a normal week. There are still quite a few fires yeah but for the most part, with the planes that they have received from other countries, it has been a lot easier for them now. We did do one service this week which was unloading a bunch of supplies from a truck that came from the north of Chile to help people that lost their houses and stuff. It was pretty cool and fun. We were unloading and sorting a bunch of water, clothes, food and just like everyday supplies to help. It was really fun actually. There were a few houses that got burned down in Penco but for the most part all of it was safe and they were able to stop the fires. But we did have other missionaries in our house a few days during the week because they were evacuated. That was fun. Its a lot more fun to have 4 missionaries in a house than just 2.

Marcelo is awesome but its super hard to have lessons with him so we have been struggling to get him to truly progress. We are working with him, a kid named sebastian, and another guy named Cesar, and a lady named Elba. We had Elba at Church yesterday. Shes a super nice old lady and she said she liked it. I'm not sure though if shes gonna keep going though just because she cant really walk super well and I think that the ward would stop going to pick her up in a car as soon as I left. We are gonna have to see though. But that's about it. Have a good week!

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