My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another week bites the dust...

Things here are going well. Yeah we did find Romina but we haven't found her since. But we found another girl this week that's super good. Her name is Jordana and she has a boyfriend who is a returned missionary. She is super receptiva and cool and shes already been to church a few times so she could be super easy to baptize. We Hope at least. Juan and Pancho are doing well. Pancho actually accompanied us this week to go visit people so that was pretty cool. Juan is doing well too. And the family isn't doing well actually. We can never find them in their house is the problem. They never commit to citas or anything so up until we can get them committing themselves better they aren't going to progress. We had two investigators in church yesterday but they aren't progressing. One is a little girl whose parents wont let her get baptized and the other is a guy that a member invited but we are gonna try and visit him this week. And yeah my companion and I are doing super well together. I honestly hope that I stay with him another cambio. Hes super cool and we get along really well.

This week really the only thing super interesting this week is that we were invited to an evangelical church and we went. It was super uncomfortable but the people were nice to us and everything. I had fun with it singing and stuff. It was strange though. We were there for like almost an hour and during that hour we did nothing besides pray and sing. It was actually kind of annoying because we had been walking all day long and got there and had to keep standing to sing or kneeled down to pray. But it was an experience. We left right when they started telling everyone to go to the front so that they could be healed by the laying on of hands. That part was the most uncomfortable of all. We really just wanted to hear the pastor preach but He didn't say anything the entire time we were there. But yeah it was nice and the best part is that we committed the lady who invited us to go to church with us this coming Sunday haha. It will be awesome if she goes. Next we said that we are going to go to the catholic church but the problem is that all of them are on Sunday at 10... But yeah besides that it was a good average week! Have a good one!

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