My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

weekly email

Hows it going everyone? I honestly cant remember if I sent an email last week or not but if I didn't... sorry haha. We are doing great this week. It was one of the most successful weeks I have ever had in my mission. We had 6 investigators in church and we put one of them with a baptismal date. It's funny to see how the Lord works. We fasted for 3 people and in the end he helped one of them to get to church as a family (Patricia) and gave us another one out of no where. His name is Camilo and he is super awesome. He is a 21 year old friend of a member and is super good. He accepts everything super easily and is intelligent which is the best because he understands the things we say to him.He has a baptismal date for the 26th of august. We were super bold with him and he understood that he has to be part of the church. It was super awesome. We are going to see if we can find a way to put all of those people with a baptismal date before the week ends. 

I now have less than a month left in the mission and honestly the worst part about it is that everyone thinks its funny to remind me as much as they can. Especially my companion thinks its hilarious. I feel really old haha and still don't feel like I know very much so when one of the newer missionaries asks me something and I tell them that I don't know they kind of look at me funny and I don't think that I will be able to get used to that. But yeah I think that's about it for this week. Have a good one everyone!

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