My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My new/old sector

This week was a little strange. Going back to my first sector there were quite a few people who said, "Oh there was an Elder who Looked exactly like you about 10 months ago!" Haha surprise! its me. But yeah it has been awesome to see all the old members and especially one of the converts that I had here. Santos. He is doing super well. He has the priesthood and is just working and preparing to be able to go to the temple! I am with another Elder from Colombia named Elder Alvarez who is super energetic and pretty funny, although at times he tries too hard.  Elder Alvarez is the same one from the MTC which is neither good nor bad. He is a good dude and a pretty good missionary. I'm excited to work with him though! They didn't really have anything though before I came though so now we are just going to have to work hard to find people who want to listen. And yeah Mariella got baptized! But Jerson has disappeared. We were like his only friends so I think that when he found out that we were both leaving it kind of shocked him and the other missionaries haven't been able to even talk to him. I have even tried to call from here but nothing. It makes me nervous.

I have been excited too to come back here because it means that obviously something was left undone the last time. I am just going to have to find out what that purpose is. I found out that no one knew that I had already been here which kind of shows me that the Lord really is sending us to our sectors, that we are called by him to our missions and that he is at the head of this work.

But have a good week! Nothing too unusual happened this week so Ill Let you all know the next week if anything changes.

Love, Elder Parker

We received some pictures via facebook this week of Elder Parker and Elder Marquinez befort they were transferred from a sister in Libertador, Hermano Regollo.  She has a son serving a mission in Argentina!  What a great surprise for a mom.  It was like Christmas!!

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