My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1 year...

This week I complete the first year of the mission. It is crazy to think that so much time has already passed yet it seems like forever too. I really dont even remember life outside of the mission and that's alright. I have heard that at the year mark time starts to go by even faster and I hope that its a lie haha. I cant keep up. But at the same time I am excited because I will be able to say that I started my mission and completed a year in the same sector haha.

This week was the hardest of my mission that I have had. I have to be honest I was so frustrated at the end of the week, its such a blessing to have this P Day. We had a whole two lessons with investigators all week. Its my own fault though. I accidentally prayed to be humble. The prayer was answered haha. No one wanted to listen all week long. We walked so much and if I were a new missionary I would have died haha. So yeah it was a week that seemed to never end but now I am glad its a new week with new chances. I can testify that the will of the Lord isn't always our own will. Sometimes he just wants to give us a test. We just have to accept his will even though we don't understand. That is what I learned from this week. 

I am doing well and really I enjoy the mission a lot. Its great and I have noticed how much I have grown up in just this year. I get along really well with my companion. Hes a really funny bright missionary. Its nice to have someone good. It feels like after I finished with Elder Hart, I have had to drag my companions along everywhere. With him no.

We don't have anyone right now, so yeah, we are just going to keep looking:)

Have a good week! Happy birthday Nate!

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