My experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Concepcion Chile from September 2015 through September 2017

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

a day in the MTC...

September 29, 2015

This week was pretty fun! The days are starting to fly by here and before I can blink the week has already gone by. Its really fun here too now. This is how a normal day goes...

Wake up 645 and go to personal study until 8. Go to breakfast and play MTC soccer until 915. after we get ready and go to class from 10 to 130. Eat lunch until 215 and go to class again until 6. Eat until 645 and then go to class until 930. After that we companion plan and go to our rooms and at 11 its lights out. There is virtually zero variation between the days so its really surprising that the days go by fast. 

Here it is super spiritual though, every day you get to feel the spirit really strongly at least once a day which is really nice. We also get to go the temple today and its P-Day today so its gonna be a good one. Also during P-Day I am on a quest to find an American football because soccer is fun and all but there is nothing quite like football. That is a very hard thing to find though. Football isnt quite the sport here as it is in america. Playing soccer the other day I sprained my ankle as well which sucked but Ive had enough by now that it doesnt even phase me anymore. Also I have decided that tonight I am going to shave my head for fun. Most of my district decided to do it together which is gonna be really funny. If i can figure out how to get pictures to email I will send you some pictures next week.

My Spanish is actually getting decent. I can basically find a way to say anything I want by talking around the hard words and keeping it basic. Today we have to try to place a book of mormon and that could be interesting because Chileans talk crazy fast so basically I might just walk up to a stranger and hand him it and walk away. 

Things here are great though. I feel no where close to ready to be out in the field but Im only half way right now so hopefully it will get better because I would be lost right now if I were to go out. Also if you remember, I would appreciate a prayer or two for the gift of tongues!

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